Sauce, Creams, Pate

Unquestionably special on toast, these are also superb if spread on aged or semi-mature cheeses, and wonderful for adding flavour to pasta and meat dishes. Available in the following flavours: green olive paste, black olive paste, olives and eggplant cream sauce artichokes and olives, olive and almond cream, olive paste and truffle, truffle sauce, Tartufella, Tartufina, artichokes and cream truffle, artichoke cream sauce, arugula, basil pesto sauce, asparagus, piquant sauce, mushroom sauce, two types of cream of porcini mushrooms, chicken liver crostini, typical Tuscia sauce, very spicy sauce, red sauce for garlic bread, 

Product Code
Green Olives Pate 0001
Black Olives Pate 0002
Cream of Olive and Eggplant 0003
Artichoke and Olive Sauce 0004
Olive and Almond Cream 0005
Artichoke Cream Sauce 0017
Arugula Sauce 0018
Basil Pesto Sauce 0019
Asparagus Sauce 0020
piquant sauce
Mildly spicy mixed vegetables
Mushroom Sauce 0025
Porcini Mushrooms Sauce 0026
Chicken liver crostini 0028
Typical Tuscia sauce 0029
Very spicy sauce "Peperonissima Piccante" 0030
Red sauce for garlic bread 0033