Face Care

A light cream containing a skin moisturizing factor which visibly reconstructs the hydro-acid mantle of the skin, effectively using a refreshing extract of mallow and above all biological extra-virgin olive oil. An excellent make-up base which may be used as often as your skin feels the need.

Wrinkle-Firming Cream
A continued use of this excellent cream helps to prevent the onset of wrinkles and firm sagging skin through natural ingredients such as shea butter, the paired vitamins E and A, rose hip oil, glycolic extracted from hops and biological extra virgin olive oil. These ingredients make this one of the best cream formulations on the market. It has a pleasant, soft touch with impressive emollient and normalizing properties.

Soothing Aftershave
A light lotion which is pleasant to apply, leaving the skin feeling fresh after shaving. Its healing properties enable the epidermis to quickly recover. Without alcohol, its soothing, non-irritating ingredients with extra virgin olive oil are ideal for sensitive skin.

Product Code
Moisturizing Cream, 50 ml with box 0404
Moisturizing Cream Anti-Wrinkle, 50 ml with box 0405
After Shave Lotion, 150 ml with box 0408
Eye Area, 30 ml 0218