This is Battaglini's first and classic oil.
From Canino, Frantoio and Moraiolo olives. Quoted in many Italian and foreign guides and various Italian and international competitions.

From the gentle slopes of Bolsena, extracted from olives harvested by hand and pressed within 12 hours, a green/yellow oil with a fruity aroma, a smooth and round taste with a perfect combination of bitter and pungent with a very low oleic acid content.

From the light fruit class suitable for all Mediterranean dishes, especially delicate fish, shellfish, meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Product Code
Bottle 0.10 litre 0391
Bottle 0.25 litre 0392
Special Bottle 0.25 litre 0393
Bottle 0.50 litre 0394
Bottle 0.75 litre 0396
Can 0.25 litre 0398
Can 0.50 litre 0399
Can 1 litre 0407
Can 2 litre 0423
Can 3 litre 0409
Can 5 litre 0400