Body Care

Body Lotion
A highly emollient lotion without a greasy touch which leaves your skin feeling pleasantly clean after use. Skins need to restore its natural balance after the use of soaps when washing. This body cream contains an excellent skin moisturizing factor to which biological extra virgin olive oil has been added, helping to make skin soft and supple, sweet almond oil with an elevated softening effect, and hydrolysed collagen to prevent excessive evaporation of water, thus helping to maintain the skin hydrated and firm. A light lotion, pleasant to the touch.

Fluid hand cream
This pleasant fluid cream, formulated to be light and easily absorbed, is like wearing velvet gloves, leaving your hands in perfect condition. It is particularly effective for those who are in daily contact with detergents, chemicals, cold, different climatic agents and anyone with dry, chapped hands. The cream contain emolliating organic extra virgin olive oil, protective shea butter and allantois, useful in healing chapped skin anywhere on the body.

Product Code
Body Lotion, 250 ml with box 0406
Hand Lotion, 150 ml with box 0406